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GIS Blog Launched

2011-09-13 by mapperz. 4 comments

Welcome to the New GIS Blog Overflow, a new additional to GIS Stack Exchange Community

New content will be coming soon from community members from the GIS Stack Exchange.

Popular & reoccurring topics on GIS.SE, events related to GIS and the GIS.SE community with a random collection of posts by different authors will give a good wide cross-section of articles.

  • Popular questions will be also expanded.
  • Commercial and Open Source related GIS posts (includes beta software) are welcomed.
  • Community GIS News and Events will also be included
Potential Blog Author?
If you have a post that you would like to be included please contact the moderator (Mapperz) by leaving a comment on this post.
Many thanks to the community users input who have made this blog possible