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An update to last years “Carving Up GIS StackExchange” now  “Another Look at GIS StackExchange”

Compared to last year’s results, there hasn’t been much movement in the distribution of tags. One thing I did notice, however is that the tag “qgis” leaped to the top of the list. Last year, “arcgis” was the top tag and “qgis” was number three. That said, I wouldn’t jump to too many conclusions. A quick look at the data shows that, in addition to “arcgis”, there are version-specific tags such as “arcgis-10.0” and “arcgis-10.1” as well as product-specific tags like “arcgis-server” so there’s a lot of Esri-centric discussion going on, but that is to be expected. The top ten tags, however, include major components of the OpenGeo Suite (OpenLayers, GeoServer, PostGIS) in addition to QGIS so open-source tools seem to be every bit as active a topic of discussion as do Esri tools.



GIS StackExchange top ten tags:

  1. qgis (3910)
  2. arcgis (2382)
  3. python (2171)
  4. arcgis-10.0 (2142)
  5. openlayers (1996)
  6. postgis (1560)
  7. geoserver (1193)
  8. arcobjects (1184)
  9. raster (1174)
  10. arcmap (1113)

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Full Credit to Bill Dollins for the Blog and Analysis.

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