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GIS SE User Bill Dollins has written an interesting blog post about GIS Stack Exchange and using the GIS SE Tags and the Stack Exchange API V2.1

In Summary a very good overview of the GIS SE site:

(pulling the information for the 100 most “popular” tags, using the StackExchange API)

Grouping of Tags “Not all fell neatly into groups so I made a few judgement calls. For example, I threw tags about the Esri Flex API into “Esri Tools” whereas “Flex” went into “Development/Programming.”

For the full blog post on this please visit

Thanks to Bill for his time and statistical analysis of GIS SE.


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  • Sam007 says:

    This is indeed very insightful. Thanks and a great job.

  • RyanDalton says:

    It is really great to see such a wide variety of topics that we discuss. The only category I would want to add would be “web mapping”, which seems to have a lot of activity on GIS.SE.

  • Stephen Lead says:

    Evidently, GIS StackExchange is a better Esri forum than the Esri forums….

  • matt wilkie says:

    Thank you Bill. it’s good to have a graphic and some numbers to bolster — and correct — my internal idea of how the questions come down. It’s more evenly balanced than I thought. I like that, a great deal.

    @Stephen, is certainly my preference to for asking questions that get answered. There’s a whole heck of a lot going on over there that we don’t really see though, and that’s ok. I wouldn’t like to become top-heavy in any single platform, or have things split into and quantum.gis.stackexchange. I thrive on the interchange. 🙂

  • Bill Dollins says:

    Thanks, everyone. It was fun to play around with the API and see what people were talking about on GIS SE. We have a vibrant community and GIS SE makes that very clear!

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